Medal of 8th March  

Established: By Legislative Decree No. 15 of 9 April 1963 and amanded by Legislative Decree No. 789 of 28 April 1965.
Awarded to commemorate the coup, 8 March 1963, in which the Ba''ath Arab Socialist Party took control of Syria''s government. This coup established Salah ad-Din al-Bitar (co-founded of the Ba''ath Party) as prime minister. While Major General Amin al-Hafiz would come to dominate this administration, this coup, and al-Bitar''s role in it, is an important milestone in understood recent Syrian history. The medal was awarded to all members of the armed forces who were serving on 9 April 1963 (the day after the coup). In 1965, award was extended to those who were recalled to service in the period between 9 April 1963 and 28 April 1965 (the date of the amending decree). This is also seen referred to as the "Medal for Underground Fighters".
Obverse: 39 mm, gilt, sixteen-pointed, in center a hand clasping a torch with an outline map of the Arab world behind. This is surrounded by a white-enameled band edged in red enamel with Arabic inscription in black "Unity / Freedom / Socialism / 8 March 1963". Suspended by a ring.
Reverse: Plain.
Ribbon: Dark burgundy, with three 1.5 mm stripes of dark green edged with 1.5 mm white stripes.


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