6th October Medal  

Established: By Legislative Decree No. 19 of 15 February 1974.
Awarded for Syrian participation in the October/Ramadan/Yom Kippur War with Israel of 6-24 October 1973. The medal was also awarded to civilians and foreign nationals who contributed to Syria''s war effort. This was a very costly war for Syria, representing some 7,000 troops killed and 21,000 wounded; 600 tanks were lost, 165 fighter aircraft were destroyed, and 7 ships were sunk. Moreover, Syria lost 845 km2 of territory.
Obverse: A 44-mm bronze five-pointed rayed star, with floreate designs between the rays. In the center, a circular medallion, enameled white, with a dark-enameled map of the Arab world in the center. Suspended by an ornate trophy of arms and Syrian eagle.
Reverse: The Arabic legend "Medal of 6th October".
Ribbon: Red, with a 4 mm white center stripe edged by 4 mm black stripes.
Awards: Five Syrian divisions, comprising some 45,000 men, participated in the war.


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