Order of the Palestine Campaign  

Established: By Legislative Decree No. 13 of 18 December 1951 and amended by Legislative Decree No. 9 of ???.
On 16 May 1948, one day after the united Arab declaration of war against Isarel, Syrian troops attacked across the Golan Heights. By 31 October, the Syrian war with Israel had ended unsuccessfully, as Syria had been forced back along most of their border with the Zionist state. Sporadic fighting continued until the armistice on 20 July 1949. Awarded for valor and service in the battles in Palestine in 1948. The medal may be awarded to foreigners and can be awarded posthumnously. There is some indication that award may have been extended beyond the initial period of service - for the 1948 war - and that it may have become a generalized award for service against Israel? This medal has also been referred to as the "Palestine Medal". The lack of Syrian success in the war, coupled with the massive number (over 100,000) of Palestinian refugees who moved into Syria, became one of the factors which would, over the following decades, encourage military intervention in the Syrian government.
Obverse: A 37 mm x 50 mm dark bronze, essentially circular medal if one ignores the upward extension, with a green-enameled laurel wreath above and below. In the center is a map of Palestine and the Jordan Valey. To the right the Arabic inscription "Palestine" and, to the left, the date "1948" (note the C.E. date). The medal is topped by crossed swords, and above that a dome-shaped depiction of a Christian church topped by a crescent. The actual ribbon suspension is by a rather crude loop attached on the upper reverse of the medal.
Reverse: Plain, except for suspension loop.
Ribbon: 38 mm, medium red with two black stripes. Red 7 mm, black 6 mm, red 12 mm, black 6 mm, red 7 mm. The ribbon has also been incorrectly (?) described as being red with a white stripe toward each edge. Awards: Syrian forces number around 8000 troops, in two infantry brigades, a mechanized battalion, and a small air force.


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