Order of the Wounded  

Established: By Legislative Decree No. 165 of 4 July 1953.
Awarded to both military and civilian personnel who are wounded while performing services for the state. The medal may be awarded to non-Syrians, though it is not awarded posthumously. Under conditions of special bravery, the medal is usually presented personally by the commander-in-chief (the Syrian president), indicating the prominence with which this award is viewed. This award has also been referred to in English as the "War Casualty Medal".
Obverse: A 37 mm five-pointed bronze star with rays between the points. The center has a wreath surrounding a central enameled circle of green and concentric circles (reading outward) of black, white, and red enamel. There is an upright sword overlaying the whole star. Suspended by a ring.
Reverse: Plain.
Ribbon: 37 mm, green with a 6 mm yellow stripe toward each edge: 2 mm green, 6 mm yellow, 19 mm green, 6 mm yellow, 2 mm green.


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